Home-Health Care Partners is the first licensed agency in this region to recognize that End-of-Life Care is more than physically caring for someone who is living with a chronic or terminal medical condition. End-of-Life Care is about understanding the many different and unique experiences that may occur in this phase of the life cycle; it is about helping people live with dying. Our staff receive specialty training in this philosophy of care and are attuned to working side-by-side with family, caregivers, and hospice and palliative care providers.

Home-Health Care Partners began providing End-of-Life Care in 2012 as a value-added service at no additional cost to clients or families. All End-of-Life Care services are overseen by our Registered Nursing staff and our Executive Director, Karen Clark, Ph.D., who received her training and certification in End-of-Life Care from Smith College. Our agency works closely with hospice providers to assure comfort, quality of life, and preservation of dignity.